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Thunderbird Sync

Did you know you can synchronize Thunderbird email on multiple computers?

There is no need for expensive software or even an IT specialist. Following the Easy-Email guide it is easy to do it yourself.

The Essential Guide will show you step by step how to sync one email address on as many computers as you choose. This is just a taster of what you’ll get in the Advanced guide which shows you how to manage multiple email addresses on multiple computer…and all sorts of other great tricks!

We want you to try the free solution first and see how good it is. It’s also a bit of a test to see that you can follow the guide because, while it’s set out in a simple way this is an advanced solution.

By the way this site is a sub-site of Easy-Email specifically for Thunderbird users so yes, we have full rights to give you this guide for free!

Just fill in your email address in the subscription box and we’ll get it to you right away. We’ll also send you a series of videos which go with this guide for those who find it easier to watch how it’s done first. And of course we’ll also send you 30 emails a day asking you to buy various unrelated things – just kidding! We will however send you some further information on the advanced solution and other tips on managing your eLife on multiple computers.

You can even Sync Thunderbird using the Easy-Email solution alongside your current email setup – if you like our solution, keep it, if not, go back to your old setup. (We’re pretty confident you’ll love it!)

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What will Thunderbird Sync do for me?

Simply put, we show you how to synchronize Thunderbird with Gmail. This means you get all the benefits of webmail plus all the benefits of your favorite email client. This solution gives you so many options and benefits:

  • Set up Thunderbird sync on as many computers and mobile devices as you like. Send an email from your laptop and it’s in the sent mail folder on your other computers, delete an email and it’s deleted everywhere, move an email into a folder and it’s in the correct folder on all your computers
  • If you don’t want to use Gmail you don’t have to. Continue to use Thunderbird and you can email offline and enjoy speedy attachment handling just as you are used to.
  • If you do want to access your email from any other computer, ie if you don’t want to lug a laptop, you can log into Gmail from any other computer and manage your email from there
  • Manage all your email addresses, including webmail addresses, from one window with just one login.
  • Even your contacts are synchronized between Gmail and Thunderbird
  • You can also use this system to access your webmail offline
  • If you choose, you can synchronize Thunderbird on one computer with Outlook or another email client on another computer
  • And as an added benefit, this system makes it really easy to move your email from one client to another or from one computer to another, even if they use different operating systems. Check out transfer-email for more details.

So fill in your email address and we’ll send you the Easy-Email Essential Guide for free. And in case you’re wondering why we’re giving you this for free, yes, we are trying to sell a product! The Easy-Email Advanced Guide shows you how to set up this system for multiple email addresses, each with its own inbox, sent mail and personalised folders and how to send and receive emails from any address you choose, even if you are working in Gmail … But for now just try out the free version and see how much time it saves you… it may be all you need. .. or if you prefer, spend another couple of hours hunting for another solution that will get you most of the way there and then come back here when you want the quick answer! We are not claiming that this solution isn’t out there somewhere on the internet, the question is how long will it take to find it and how much misinformation will you need to sort through till you find the information that will work for you. We explain it all step by step in an easy to follow guide so fill in your email and we’ll get it to you right away.

New Thunderbird Rapid Release Schedule:

New versions of Thunderbird will now be released in cycles of 6 – 12 weeks. Even though the new version numbers sound like major releases, they really are not. You are likely to notice very little in the way of changes when new versions are released even with a major change in version number. One thing to bear in mind is if you have installed add-ons for Thunderbird, they may not be compatible with the new releases until the developer of the add-on provides an update.

This means the Thunderbird 6 Easy-Email Guides are valid for newer versions of Thunderbird as well.

Should this change we will release a new version of the guide and anyone who has purchased a Thunderbird 6 Advanced Guide will be entitled to a free upgrade.

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