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Sync Thunderbird on two computers

How to Sync Thunderbird on Two or more computers

For many people, simply being able to access their email on their laptop and desktop is a huge issue. We are all “nomadic” to a certain extent these days so we need to be able to carry a laptop or netbook and have full access to our online life.

This solution allows you to not only manage your email from two computers, and have them perfectly in sync, but you can also access your email from any other computer!

The beauty of synchronizing Thunderbird the way we show you to do it, is that you can continue to work on your email offline, as you do on your main computer. In order to sync your email between your desktop and your laptop (or as many computers you choose) we show you a simple way to:

1) set up a gmail account and synchronize your email with Gmail – which offers IMAP, the technology that allows synchronization.

2) sync Thunderbird on your second computer with the Gmail account you have just set up

This means you can use Thunderbird on your own computers and still download an offline copy so you can work on your laptop in a taxi or on a plane!  You can also access your email from Gmail from any other computer but for this you will need an internet connection.

There are other webmail solutions out there that allow you to see your NEW emails from your laptop when you have an internet connection but this solution gives you complete synchronization. Anything you do on one computer is reflected on the others.

For your free guide on synchronizing Thunderbird email on two or more computers go to Thunderbird Sync and fill in your email address and we’ll send it to you straight away.

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