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Thunderbird Exchange

Do you need Thunderbird Exchange or is there an inexpensive alternative?

Microsoft’s Exchange server is used predominantly by large enterprises that want to be able to have their employees access their email and shared calendars etc. from several different computers.

The solution we propose is essentially a Microsoft Exchange Alternative. It allows Thunderbird users to set up the equivalent – or close to – even in a small business or as an individual. Exchange servers and software all add up to a high cost for a business, quite apart from the specialist IT resources required to run these systems.

So if you are a small business owner, or you work in a small business, you can set up the equivalent of Exchange for Thunderbird by following the Easy-Email Advanced Guide to Thunderbird.

Please note that we haven’t yet found a way to manage shared calendar and tasks functions without paying for software but we’ll let you know when we do!  The Thunderbird guide and any add ons you need will come to well under $100 while any version of an exchange equivalent will cost $’000s so if you can do without some of the extras and you simply want to be able to access your email from any computer then this is the answer!

For an overview of what this site is about and to get your free Essential Guide go to the home page: Thunderbird Sync

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